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Shera Fournier, Founder & Creator of Verón Macarons

About Us

Verón was created by founder Shera Fournier to satisfy her sweetest indulgences while honoring her deeply held values of respecting all living beings. French macarons are a nearly 200-year-old delicacy of Parisian tea rooms, their legacy stemming from a uniquely light texture in a bite-sized cookie. Shera’s goal in creating our specialty vegan macarons was to match the experience of eating these time-tested French meringues and make them accessible to a modern plant-based audience.

Instead of the traditional egg whites, our macarons use a vegan egg replacement consisting mainly of vegetable starches to produce a similar experience without the same impact on our bodies or our environment. Here at Verón, we strive to be as natural as possible without sacrificing flavor or texture. All of our products are free of artificial colors, flavors, palm oil, dairy, eggs, gluten, and corn syrup. We use real whole-food ingredients to give these traditional treats a delicious upgrade.

We firmly believe that living sustainably and consciously can still include a little elegant indulgence. Because you should never have to sacrifice your values in order to enjoy your favorite foods. We hope you love our macarons as much as we do and thank you for choosing Verón to fulfill your plant-based cravings.

Verón vegan birthday cake macarons with bow ribbon
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