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Say hello to our Limited Edition Summer Fruits Macaron Set! 🌞 This delightful trio is here to add a burst of flavor and cuteness to your summer.


Our new set includes:

  • 2 Strawberry Macarons: Sweet and juicy, this macaron is shaped and flavored like a ripe strawberry.
  • 2 Fig Macarons: Indulge in the rich and unique taste of fresh figs.
  • 2 Grapefruit Macaron: Refreshingly tangy, this macaron captures the essence of summer's favorite citrus.


*We have a limited number of all Strawberry and all Fig Sets Available.  You will receive 6 Strawberry Macarons in a Strawberry set and 6 Fig Macarons in an all Fig Set!


Crafted with care using only natural ingredients, each macaron is a mini masterpiece, bursting with authentic flavors that will transport your taste buds to a summer paradise.


Why you’ll love our Summer Fruits Macaron Set:

  • Adorable Shapes: Each macaron is shaped to look just like the fruit it represents.
  • Natural Ingredients: Made with the finest natural ingredients for pure, delicious flavor.
  • Limited Edition: Available for a short time only, so don't miss out on this seasonal treat!o



organic powdered sugar, water, organic almond flour, organic grapeseed oil, organic cocoa butter, egg replacer [potato starch, tapioca starch flour, leavening], organic cane sugar, organic beet powder, organic powdered strawberries, organic matcha powder, organic spirulina powder, organic grapefruit powder, organic turmeric, organic pitaya powder, organic fig jam, organic sweet potato powder, activated charcoal, organic yellow sprinkles.

Limited Edition Summer Fruit Macaron Set

  • Once macarons arrive to you they can be kept:

    Frozen until the marked date on the box (typically 2-3 months)

    Refrigerated up to two weeks

    At room temp 4-5 days

    Macarons are shipped with ice packs to elongate freshness on their way to you. They are not intended to arrive cold, just to arrive unmelted as they are a pastry with a frosting center.

    Nutrition Facts

    Serv. Size: 2 pieces (38g), Amount Per Serving: Calories 130, Total Fat 6g (8% DV), Sat. Fat 1.5g (8% DV), Trans Fat 0g, Cholest. 0mg (0% DV), Sodium 0mg (0% DV), Total Carb. 18g (7% DV), Fiber <1g (2% DV), Total Sugars 15g (Incl. 14g Added Sugars, 28% DV), Protein 1g, Vit. D (0% DV), Calcium (4% DV), Iron (0% DV), Potas. (0% DV).

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